What to say who she is…

During my intermediate days, I had built a reputation as a poet(based on whatever poems/rhymes I wrote till then). (Poet..Hehe.. big joke.. I know..) One of my friends was interested in a girl in his neighborhood and wanted to impress her. He asked me to write a poem on his behalf. That was my first and only commissioned writing job till now. Anyway, Not knowing what exactly is he expecting, I asked him what she was like. He said, “Dude! Don’t worry about all that. Just write something praising any girl. That will do.” Looking back, I think he’s a really smart chap. He already knew the craving of every human soul for appreciation. Anyway, here is how it goes…


What to say who she is…
Have no words that flow with ease
Flashes in my inward eye and does freeze
My fuming mind in peace, like a cool breeze

The Sindhur on her face, a little sun newly born
To brighten and lead the world on a gaily morn
To attain the curve of her beautiful eyebrow
The rainbow over bent, tries to relieve a little of its bow

What’s brighter than her lovely eye
That wore the jewel of the modest shy
The faint rose craves to know the beauty tips
To reach the color prevailed over her lovely lips

Poor peacock plots to imitate, in beat, if she does repeat
The dance that ran out of her walking feet
Though at its best, how can the moon provide
A right rival for her brilliance that no veil can hide

Allured am I by her gorgeous smile
Away may be I many a mile
The sweet pain in my heart tried every balm
Not knowing that it needs the touch of her tender palm

From the snowy mounts my desires slide
To her feet, to ask if I could walk with her, beside
I know she is my heart.. who’s she?.. no one knew..

Now, I am to say… Its none.. but you…

5 thoughts on “What to say who she is…

  1. i truly remember all these lines venki, being one of the intermediate friends. i also do remember one more poem from our inter days on similar theme,

    No part of nature invited my flying thought
    A thought that set out with wings got

    To find a comparison for her, though in haughty
    Alas! none dared to challenge her beauty

    Surrendered the rose and bowed with reverence
    Failed to provide her silky hair fragrance

    she felt shy…who…. the pale blue sky
    To face the blueness of your eye

    Then coloured rainbow would suit in appearance
    But, shower one more it desired for your radiance

    No more my thought wants to fly and reaches you
    If you permit it wants to say I love you

    (courtesy: sumanth naidu, vrrjc, Hyd. (1993-95)

  2. Brilliant! Sumanth Naidu was a class act! Great to see this poem with you. Thanks for sharing it. Brings back memories of us reading each others work. I was envious of the range of his class vocabulary and considered that my own limited vocabulary was rendering my words repetitive. 🙂

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