A Summer Eve In My Village

Special is the summer eve’s entry
Into our lovely green country
After a fuming day when the leaf and twig shine yellow
We all gather; the old tamarind tree above, we below

We game with our noisy friends
Others jump over when one bends
One aims at, whose eye doesn’t flick
To make the marble that lays far click

Under the tree we all cricket
when its bulky barky body serves wicket
As the game continues with many a shout
Those old trees tremble though so stout

On swing sky high does one swing
Drinking the joy it does bring
Though we all eager to that fun
It permits but one by one

As the sun lies on west’s bed of foam
And as the birds all over return home
Leaving alone all the clinging swings
We go to bathe where the water springs

Come home with joy oozing from hearts deep
Eating heartily when mother gives, we fall asleep
Asleep under the vast open sky
Under that open sky where with joy we did fly

We being clam the greenery around watches keen
And thinks, “Till now, how noisy they had been??!”
Upon us the skies be so quite
And the midnight in all its might

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