This Moment…

Past is a dream…
Future is but a haze..
Make sense of life’s maze
And never let yourself be in daze..
For all that matters is..
This moment

This moment that lets you..
Choose the tears of joy..
Over the tears of sorrows and fears..
This moment that lets you..
Feel the cool…comforting breeze..
On your…wetted cheeks..

This moment that lets you..
Work for a cause..
A cause..petty or pious..
This moment that lets you..
Fail..fall..and frown.. the worlds crown..

This moment
This moment is all that matters..
What can you not have this moment..?
You can have the whole world…
All…yes! All but the moment gone by…
The moment that never comes back to you…

See the beauty of this moment..
It is a divine gift
Respect it…value it…and..
Above all…have fun in it…
Be happy this moment..
Be happy for eternity…

A bit of back ground into this. I wrote this and posted along with a greeting card for a friend’s birthday. That friend is now my partner in life. πŸ™‚

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