Bro-in-Law’s Portrait

My sketching journey started when I was in my 6th class or something like that. I don’t remember drawing anything before that. My brother was really good at sketching and he was a huge fan of Chiru in those days. I happened to watch him at work when he was sketching a portrait of Chiranjeevi one of those days. That was a defining moment. I was so mesmerized with the process of the pencil strokes bringing a person to life on paper that I started trying my hand at it. From then on all through my schooling days, I always scribbled away whatever I found interesting on whatever little space I could find. Although, the frequency has diminished, I thankfully retained the ability to draw. This is the portrait of my brother-in-law that I have done around the time I was in my post-graduation. I used one of his photographs for reference.

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