Midnight Macaws

During my residential schooling days, I had this habit of preparing greeting cards (not really cards ’cause I just used just white papers) for posting to my friends on New Year. I used to fold an A4 sheet four fold so that I can draw something on top of it and write something inside. It replicated a greeting card. I used to get photocopies of the original and use them to give/send to all of the friends. They had a personal touch because I created them. My friends were happy receiving something that is out of the ordinary and I had the creative satisfaction. It is another way of saying that I saved money on buying the greeting cards. 🙂
I sourced this picture from one of the Reader’s Digest editions. They used to publish pictures of art work on the back cover. Now-a-days they seem to have stopped that practice. May be they ran out of good work they could use. Anyway, it was around the time I completed my graduation and preparing for entrance test for my post graduation. The year 2000 was around the corner. I have done this in water color and had a photo taken of this. I had a few prints of this printed and used them as greeting cards. You can see the “Happy Millennium” smeared because it was written with a glow pen of some sorts and it did not stay properly on the smooth surface of the photograph.

The original was framed and it decorated a wall in my flat till last Diwali. It was a causality of a fire accident (electrical short circuit) in my flat on 27th September 2008. Thanks to the digitization the memory remained to be sahred with all of you.

3 thoughts on “Midnight Macaws

  1. Hey Venky….I also used to have the same habit of preparing greeting cards every year for my relatives during my school days. My mother encouraged me to do this every year for my close relatives. Happy to see same thing happened with you. By the way that Birds painting is so colorful!

    Santhosh Komaraju

  2. Thanks Santhoo.. Yeah those were the true creative days of ones life. Glad that you retained and enhanced those skills though. You have great skill. I love your model buildings and your paintings. Its been a while. I need to get back to my sketching and painting.

  3. Hello Venky, happy to find this beautiful painting online, and moreso because you have painted it in watercolors. What a coincidence I have done the same, I was a big fan of reader’s digest and used to admire their back cover just like you!!!😅, I too have painted this in watercolors and I still have it with me.
    So glad to find someone who loves same things😍

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