Oxygen Top-up!!? What is that!!

For most of us, riding on a motorized vehicle through the city is a nightmare. The traffic spews venom in the form of smoke that practically chokes you and paints your entire being in a lovely shade of grey. Especially the traffic signals stops and the all too common traffic jam stops act as special filling stations of this venomous gases for our systems.

Even if you are not on road, the entire city is so filled with this pollution. Or, so I thought, until I have been to the Cantonment area.

Once you enter the Cantonment area, you might hear your mind say, ‘No, its not possible in this city. Did some unknown door on my way, mysteriously transport me to some distant land? This is beautiful!!’. If that happens, don’t worry, you are not delusional. It’s a natural reverie befitting the setting.

You might feel like you are being embraced by Mother Nature. The amount of greenery you see all around is unbelievable. The sun rays transform the little dew drops on the grass into precious jewels for you as a welcome gift and begin playing hide and seek with you through the foliage. You need to be careful though, the mild morning breeze can be very intoxicating and quite addictive.

It’s a low traffic area and safe. All the traffic you see is of the troops marching about in their morning routines. So, initiating kids with rides like this is an excellent idea as GR and Pradyumna prove it time and again. I guess, Pradymna would like to be looked up on as a seasoned rider by now though. 🙂

When Ramany says that a ride through this area is ‘A OXYGEN top-up’ he is not exaggerating!! It’s a must for all new riders and even so for experienced folks. Its not very intensive if you are looking for a great work out ride but its a very refreshing ride. For me, I ride 20km to and from the place just for the experience.

Here are photos from an earlier ride there: http://picasaweb.google.com/hivenkat.d/BashOnRegardlessContonmentRide20090912#

2 thoughts on “Oxygen Top-up!!? What is that!!

  1. Hi Venky,
    My Name is girish, I'm a new member of HBC – 6 Rides done so far. It was a dejaVu reading this article.You have beautifully captured the moment and expressed it so perfectly.
    Your poem on the Freedom ride was superb (it is one of the top in my personal charts)I have a copy of the same displayed in my office.
    Have fun & Keep writing.

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