Wow!! So Many Colors and So Many Bicycles!!

The city is sleeping. The breeze is chilling. Its my second day in the beautiful City of Montpelier, Vermont. I went out for a short jog and came back very pleased with all the bicycles on the road side. Both bikes of bicycle art and the real daily use commute bikes locked to roadside posts. It appears that I am in a very bicycle friendly city. If only the weather would let me cycle all year long.

I found out about Freeride while I was googling about Montpelier bicycling scene. I will go and see what its all about this evening.,_Vermont

One thought on “Wow!! So Many Colors and So Many Bicycles!!

  1. Hey Venky – just checked ur blog after a long long time – wow looks like U are having some fun there 🙂 Enjoy Dude – Yaser@HBC

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