TFN – 2012 – Day Seven In Preview

Its All DownHill:Ooty-Mettupalayam:
The TFN regulars are all to aware of the meaning of ‘its all downhill’ pre-ride breifing. You would do well not to believe it. Mostly downhill, yes. Not all downhill. Not unless you already reached Kotagiri and are heading towards Mettupalayam. Till you reach Kotagiri from Ooty, the road still goes up and down cutting through the sides of beautiful hills and through tea estates. Again this is an extremely scenic route. This route was till Kotagiri was part of the tour last year when we headed towards Kodanad view point on the last day of the tour. 

Awesome Downhill: Kotagiri-Mettupalayam:
After we reach Kotagiri and get out of the town to ride towards Mettupalayam, you better believe if the say ‘its all downhill’. Because, then starts one hell of a downhill that lasts nearly 25km. It is quite curvy and technical. People need to be quite careful with the oncoming traffic. I would advise extra set of break pads to be carried on the tour just in case. People signed up for this year’s tour need to sharpen not just their climbing skills but also their descending skills. Not because there is a downhill competitive section, because there is not. It is just to survive the tour without incident. Thankfully the road conditions on the downhill are perfect. In fact for the entire route the roads are pretty good.

Hot and Sultry:
After the downhill is over you will have 10km or so to get to the hotel. As the dowhnill comes to an end you’ll realize the sudden raise in temperature. Welcome to Mettupalayam. From the super chilly temperatures of Ooty you will descend into the hot and humid town of Mettupalayam. Since this is a very short ride and mostly downhill, you would probably have most of the day to spend. You can escape the sultry heat by spend your time in Black Thunder water park which is within five km of the tour accommodation at Hotel EMS Mourya.   

Competitive Section:
No competitive section for the day. Have fun breathing in the beauty and screaming in joy on the downhill. 

Featured Rider:
Arun Marc D’Silva will be riding their 4th TFN this year. He has been riding as charity rider all along. Every year he chooses a cause and raises money towards that cause. This year he aims to raise 3 lakhs for Aarohi School in Himachal Pradesh.  

Arun the faymaas.. Sad sounding heading but he is someone who always smiles and make others smile

He is a regular at gym, good at swimming and is an excellent horse rider. He has won silver medals in show jumping. He is one hell of an enthusiastic guy. No wonder both his sons although very fit themselves, find it hard to keep up with him on bikes. His friend and riding buddy, Vishnu Navada, is another one who is going to ride his 4th year in TFN and is also riding as a charity rider. Looking forward to riding these awesome folk tomorrow.

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