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Tour of Nilgiris… What?: 
Tour of Niligiris Entrée is for all those who want to ride the TFN, but were either unable afford the time/weren’t sure about the ability/did not get an invite. Tour of Nilgiris Entrée is a quick 3 nights 2 day ride in the heart of Nilgiris.

The beauty of Nilgiris.. Photo by:Chenthil Mohan

The Genesis:
While we were on the recce in Ooty, the guys were discussing an all too common problem that they don’t mind having but would love to solve when the registrations open for the Tour of Nilgiris. In their opinion it is absolutely not easy having to select only a few from the hundreds of registrations from enthusiastic cyclists; all of whom deserve to be riding the tour. 

It is usually the logistics involved in organizing a 7-8 day tour that determines how many people can be part of it. But how about a short tour that could need minimal additional logistics? Is it possible to let more riders be part of the most beautiful parts of the tour with out significantly adding to the burden? Can we manage it to the satisfaction of the riders? All these were being discussed as the arrangements for the actual tour were being made during the recce. 

Tour of Nilgiris Entrée is the culmination of those discussions and ideas that floated around during the recce. 

Here is a great video that gives you an idea about the beauty of the routes that the riders are going to ride. It is put together by the official photographer of the tour, Chenthil Mohan.

For more details on how to go about registering, refer to the information here:

More awesome photos from Chenthil can be found here:

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