My First Day To Office On My Hawk: A Relook – 3 Years Hence..

It has been exactly 3 years since that fateful day when I bought a cycle, naively thinking that I would just use to commute to office. Little did I know, how things will change. I’m re-living the initial days by documenting here a few articles I wrote during my initial days of cycling. I’ve posted these first on Bikeszone
I did it Guys!!

The day after I bought the bike which incidentally is today, I made my first commute to office on my Hawk.

Yesterday night I rode the bike for 20km from the place I bought it from (Koti) to the place I live (Miyapur). And today got down for my usual jog around my flats and a bit of badminton but my partner was still to wake up at 6AM. So, I took off on my bike towards BHEL on my Hawk and rode the bike for another 16km (to and fro approx).

I came back, got ready to go to office and the time has come for my first commute to office on a bicycle. Being Friday, it was casual wear day and I wore a jeans and T-shirt. Got my lunch packed and my back pack was ready to sit on my back and I was ready to sit on my Hawk.

I checked the air in tires and mounted my bike and I was off on my way to office. The ride was smooth. The bike seems to be taking the bumps in the road well. But there seems to be a slight problem with the rear tire that is resulting in a slight hiccup on every rotation. When I checked the tire, a particular portion of the tire is lower than the rest of the tire. May be the tire did not sit well into the rim. If that is the case, I guess deflating the tire and setting it right and inflating it again should do the trick. If it is a problem with the rim which I think is not the case, it has to be taken to the shop. I will do that in the evening.

I gears were working quite well. Using the low gears when climbing inclines and higher ones otherwise is working well and I got used to it already. The only problem I now see is the head ache of keeping the kids in the flats off the gear shifters when it is parked.

I sailed through my usual route to the office on my new vehicle and reached there in 25 minutes. On an earlier early morning test ride, it took me 30 minutes. It usually took me 20 minutes on my Honda Activa. So a 5 to 10 minutes difference in commute time is not much considering the benefits in terms of fitness and fuel savings that it offers me.

I showed got past the gate, entered the parking lot and reached the usual spot where I park my Activa. The security guard came running and said, “Sir, this is for two-wheelers only. You have to park it there.” Pointing towards the direction where a few cycles parked. I smiled at him cheekily and said, “This is a two-wheeler as well. Do you see more than two?” He smiled back at the joke. Happy that my joke was understood and taken in sporting spirit, I went and parked along with the cycles owned mostly by the support staff of the building.

My T-shirt was drenched on the back and for a decent portion on the front. I usually sweat profusely. So, I reminded myself to keep a formal shirt in the back pack and ride to office in a T-shirt from Monday.

A couple of my colleagues were very appreciative of the fact that I have actually gone ahead and done what they considered was just a good idea that I had. A friend said that more people would be inspired by you. I certainly hope so. 😀

Happy riding,

The Present:
That was how my commute by bicycle has started. Even to this day, I commute to office daily on a cycle. I ride slower so that I’m not covered in sweat by the end of it. I commute in formals. I use Velcro strips as trouser clips. Carry my lunch in a backpack. I wear a helmet and use toe clips and formal shoes. 
After nearly 3 years of almost daily commutes I feel quite at ease with my bicycle commutes and actually don’t like to take my motorbike out unless I need to take my family out. No I don’t commute because I want to go green and save the planet. I do it because I thought it was a great way to stay fit by combining exercise with something that I will do daily anyway i.e., commute. Now, I continue to do it because, I love doing it and also get to save some fuel money in the process. 
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3 thoughts on “My First Day To Office On My Hawk: A Relook – 3 Years Hence..

  1. Venky, I have been a silent member of HBC and the mailing list for sometime now. However have never got a chance to get back to my first love (school days, I loved cycling). I would really like to talk to you for sometime and start commuting to office in a bi-cycle. Are you working somewhere near Raheja IT Park. Can we meet. My number is 9490726286. Give me a buzz please, if you dont mind.

  2. Hi Venky, I can echo the feelings – I mostly bike to stay fit, at age 48 I have never worked out in a gym but use my bike to stay fit as well as to give me a low-stress commute (better than driving).
    Recently I increased the number of times I ride for commute from once a week to 3-4 times each week and this is improving my stamina even more.
    I used to live in Miyapur for 1 year, now I commute to Hitex area from Nampally. Keep on riding, it is more the way God created us as for sitting in a car… riding my cycle feels natural, I can connect with my surroundings, see 10x more than on any motor vehicle and also get many more positive responses.

  3. Thanks Abhi. It was nice talking to you yesterday. @Cor_van_de_water: Thank you. You're absolutely spot on about the heightened awareness when riding a bike as opposed to driving. I would be mighty pleased if I keep riding till your age and beyond. 🙂

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