The Bulldog’s First Birthday

The Bulldog leaning against a tree atop Nandi on its first visit there..

It’s hard to believe that it has been only one year since I first saw it and fell for it. It gave me so many unforgettable memories in the past one year. Many come to mind today. A couple of near death experiences when I started riding it in Fixed gear mode. Nah not really near death experiences, but definitely a bit scary. 🙂
I would never forget getting a ticket for riding it on interstate. My first fixed gear century, my first imperial century. Climbing Smuggler’s notch and Bethel Mt in great company. Riding in great places like North Eastern Kingdom in New England. Many century rides and more recently an excellent Nandi climb.
It might be a bit arrogant of me to say that I gifted it with its fastest century so far. May it was its treat for me. A 100km in 3 hrs 48 min 27 sec. It is a personal best for the Bulldog as well as me. Incidentally, it was a first century ride for both this year.
(The activity doesn’t start where it ends because I had to reset the Garmin some 4 km into the ride as it was acting a bit strangely)
Ride stats from another cyclo-comp on the bike:
Total Ride: 103.9 km
Total Ride Time: 3 hrs 59 mins
Century time: 3 hrs 48mins 27sec @ an avg of 26.3 kmph

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