The Bulldog’s Third Century..

The misty Saturday morning was as silent as it can be. Only the humming of the chain was audible. Then, I heard something else. As if some wasp has hit my helmet. Then another. No. It was not an army of wasps attacking me. They were rain drops. Slowly it began to pour down. Ah, the feeling of the gentle rain drops massaging the face. Quite something!

As I reached the starting point of the ride, Kathy’s home, Kim and Jan were chatting with Kathy. It didn’t look like the rain was going to letup anytime soon. So, the group decided to postpone the 100k ride to Sunday. I headed home savoring the ride in the rain.

The weather was far better today and the four of us started off on the ride. It was overcast but warm. We slowly climbed up a small hill right at the start of the ride. Some 900ft of elevation gain in nearly 3.5miles. After that, it was time for a majestic downhill ride towards Royalton.

The rest of the ride was all rolling hills. My Bulldog (yes, my fixed gear bike has been christened Bulldog) has handled the uphills, downhills and the rolling terrain beautifully as we made steady progress. The route was amazing. Well, frankly, it is quite difficult to find any route that is not beautiful in this part of the country.

The hills painted in a million shades of green, the roadside brooks flowing with gargling sounds, the cattle farms with the grazing cows lazing around in the warm Sun, the horse farms with elegant equestrian beauty in full display, and the list can go on forever. What else can we ask for? We had a blast of a ride.

As we reached Barre, I turned towards Montpelier while Kim and Jan headed to the starting point where they parked their cars.

It was the third century on my fixed gear ‘Bulldog’.

Distance: 105.04 km
Avg: 24.6kmph

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