It’s Fixed..

Strange day yesterday!! Call it fate or whatever.. I was about to go out for a 40mile ride on a nice Saturday morning when a friend requested me to visit a bike shop where an annual bike swap was taking place. It was to help him select a bike for his 6year old daughter. I rode my Giant there, just to take a look at what he had there and help him pick one before I headed out on the ride.

The bike swap apparently started at 9am. I went there at 9:35am. Helped him pick a bike. By then most of the sweet deals were clinched. But then.. I laid eyes on this one. It was like a love at first sight.. I was not able to move past this beauty.. (don’t tell my wife please.. :P).
Redline 925.. A Fixed gear bike..

It is a Redline 925. I knew nothing about the bike at that moment. I only knew that it is a sweet looking fixie that can double up as a single speed bike just by flipping the back wheel. I sat on it and let it roll. It was smooth. The frame size, 54cm, was the only factor I gave a second thought to. But figured I can fiddle with the seat height and get a way with it although a 56 would have been an ideal frame size for me.

Bullhorn bars and TT style bar-end brake levers.. Shall we call it the ‘Bulldog’?

The bike looked almost new. I ran home(on my Giant) and came back with a check. My friend took my Giant home, I went about riding my first fixie for a 52k straight from the shop.. of course I rode it set up as a single speed. But someday soon, I will try it as a fixie. Right now, I am too scared of the hilly terrain of Vermont beating my legs to pulp if I were to try a fixie.

My fears of handling the uphills have been tested yesterday as I took on a decent hill a couple of times. I guess it has something to do with the non-aggressive gear ratio than with the strength of my legs. Will be interesting to see how I will be able to handle steeper and sustained climbing with this one.

What shall we call this bike? Bullseye???
Edit: I decided to lovingly call it ‘The Bulldog’.. 🙂

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