Why Do I Ride To Work?

Lots of people have asked me why I ride to work and why I started it. To some, I told that a great light (divine?) appeared in my dream one day ordering me to buy a cycle and start going to work on that. I did not find any gullible souls that believed that version. So here is another one.

By Oct ’08, I lost nearly 16kgs of weight by working out about an hour every single day for about 8 months. I wanted to make sure that I don’t gain that weight back. For that, I wanted to make sure that I exercise everyday for the rest of my life.

I knew it is going to be difficult on some days to find the time or motivation. So, thought that it would make sense to tie it up with something I had to do no matter what. The simple fact that I need to commute to office everyday to earn my bread didn’t miss me. It used to be on my motorbike or a cab all the while cursing the traffic. So, I thought, why not commute on a bike and enjoy those 15-20mins that it takes me to get there.

At first, I thanked god that it’s only about 7km from my home to the office in Hi-tech city. After a month or two, I felt bad that it is ONLY 7kms. It was not just about exercise anymore, although it did provide at least a bit of workout. I began to enjoy my little rides to work so much that I became addicted to it. And it’s not a bad addiction at all.

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