The Fun Returns..With A 50..

The muscles burned and the lungs seemed inflammable even in zero degrees. The legs refused to move even in slow motion. The flat road that has disappeared a mile ago didn’t show up yet. ‘It’s not fair, I want to be in my comforter right now and you are putting me through torture’ the mind joined the body and began to whine.
The ride:

The winter this year is unusually kind, the people who have seen worse of VT winters say. I am not complaining. When the weather channel reads -1 degree centigrade this time of the year in VT, it means that the sun is shining on you (well, figuratively at least). So, to make hay while the sunshine lasts, I took out my Giant and headed out.

With the confidence bestowed by the Topeak toolkit and road morph pump, I decided to venture a bit more than the 10miles of my last week’s ride. I took a different route and rode towards Plainfield. There was not much snow on the shoulder of the road on this route. It meant I can ride more confidently although it was all wet.

I felt much more at ease on this ride. It may be because of warmer temperatures or better roads. Taking in the scenery around, I made steady progress and made sure that I did not push on the higher gears.

I heard an engine roar by my side and turned my head. A big smile flashed from the car windows. It was a small climb and the car kept me company with the guys in it offering encouragement. They were looking at their speedometer and telling me the speed I was maintaining. 12-14-15 mph they kept counting and drove past wishing me luck. I guess they realized that I am not going to go any faster on that climb and the vehicles behind them will not appreciate their keeping me company. 🙂

I turned back after a mile or so beyond Plainfield and rode back. I’ve decided to visit the Berlin mall before heading home and rued the decision halfway through the climb to the hospital hill. It was one hell of a climb to take on towards the end of a ride and it never appeared this tough on my previous visits on a car. 🙂

Finally, at 4:30pm, I reached home with grime all over the pants, shoe and all over the bike. Half an hour of cleaning the bike resulting in a couple of pounds of grime later, it was time for a sumptuous dinner and calling it a day.

Stats: 52km

Ride on..

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