Bash On Regardless..


Its horns appeared ready to pierce even the thickest of hides and its eyes could send shivers down ones spine. The Bison stood there ready to pounce. There were goose bumps as I stood in front of it. Of course its just a sculpture but its energy seemed so real as I tired to capture its beauty in my camera.

Determined not miss the ride in the beautiful cantonment, I started out although a bit apprehensively. I gave a couple of km for the body to get used to the pedaling and started to hit it. I did not expect my body to be this co-operative after the torment I put it through completing my first 10k run just yesterday. Encouraged, I began to crank up a decent pace.

I reached the Jubilee bus-stop area and asked people around for directions based on the SMS Krishna sent out last night with the address of the meet-up spot. I ended up calling Krishna and finally managed to reach there at 6:08am averaging 28.9kmph. The distance was 19.65km.

We had a serene ride inside the cantonment area for about 10km. At the Bison Chowk, Ramany told us the history of the Bison Division and the story behind the caption “Bash On Regardless”. It was very interesting and inspiring. GR and his little son Pradyumna along with Chandra were the new people that I met for the first time on the ride. I took mental notes of how GR was guiding his son tackle the traffic so that I can use them when my own kid grows up big enough to join me on the rides.

There were soldiers of different uniforms involved in varied routines starting their day. The greenery all around was awesome. The sight of the moist grass of the golf course shining in the morning sunlight was a sight to cherish. Too bad I didn’t get a proper angle to capture that beauty.

Today being a working day, I decided to head home after ten glorious kilometers of the ride in the cantonment. Although, GR suggested a shorter route and explained it a couple of times, my Gajani mind could not quite recollect it just 30 secs later when I reached the main road. So, I took the main road that lead towards Tirumalgiri and took a right there to reach Bowenpalli. 

Reached home by 8:25am exactly 3 hours after I started. It was an excellent ride in the awesome locales of cantonment area sandwiched by a couple of decent power rides to and from the place.

Total distance: 56km

Here is the link for the photos:

3 thoughts on “Bash On Regardless..

  1. 🙂 was fun, Dyumna will remember it for a long time and is looking forward to the next one. He was tired after it though, I did not realize he was not shifting because the shifters were tight. Fixed that in the evening all the same he was so sleepy that I had to miss the mornings Novotel meetup

    Must get a road bike – miss the Mach 1 I had, already went and checked out BSA Go right after yesterdays ride

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