SPB Sketch – 06142009

This sketch was completed by last Sunday(14thJune’09) but I did not upload it because I did not want the recepient of this gift to know that it is on its way (Surprise!!). It is a gift for a good friend who is also like a little sister to me. She is very fond of music and is a big fan of SPB.
For those interested in the process here are the snaps: http://picasaweb.google.com/hivenkat.d/SPBSketch06142009#

11 thoughts on “SPB Sketch – 06142009

  1. hey Venky…Hi..this is Prakash Porua.
    I very much liked ur sketches.
    I am @nd year CSE Engg. student from gurgaon.
    Recently i started sketching…say some 2-3 months…
    till now i have made four sketches…
    those are not as gud as yours but i am a novice at this art…
    actually my main skill is Playing Tabla..in which i am Pretty gud.
    my email id is Prakash.porua@in.com….i will mail u my sketches…plz give me some tips..i am really bad at sketchin the nose and the lips…
    plz contact.

  2. To everyone,

    I was the lucky one to have this gift. I have it hanged on my wall of my bedroom..
    the more i see it the more i admire venkat anna's talent..
    One or the other day, i will for sure buy a house and i will fill it with Venkat anna's paintings 🙂

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