The Knight

He, the knight comes succeeding the Night
In his way straight to prove his might
Of striking light stirringly bright
Killing the quiet of that lulling night

He wades through that celestial scenery
And pervades over this global greenery
To oust away the dreary gloom
And to boost the flowery bloom

He the great delightly Laureate
Leaps forth on his divinely golden chariot
To astir Life to be in duty
And to enhance it in all its beauty

Years myriads have passed in line
Yet, he does wondrously shine
Never to give up does he decline
For, he thinks, to work is lovingly fine

Life wants suffering so ever to be null
For, it knows not, nil of its how dull
The tastes of life to taste are all many
Of them are both mirth and agony

Messages akin in his way, he has many to convey
But to let life lay, let lose his hard sway
Goes away in no less charm and in all calm
Killing the storm of the Life’s alarm

A bit of background into this:

I wrote this in my intermediate. There was poem eulogizing the Night. My English lecturer during that time had a great way of projecting the poet’s vision on the 70 mm screens of our young minds. I have more on him later. His explanation has inspired me into thinking why just praise the Night while the Sun has many great qualities too. And this came into being.

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  1. Bouncer..LOL! Yeah I was, may be a bit more than that. 🙂 I have a few snaps from those times but not sure about Gandipet picnic! We'll check when we meet later this month. 🙂

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